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Server Rules
-Do not use any hacks. For using hacks/hack programs you will be banned Permanently ( IP and Account )
-It is not allowed to sell your account, the account will be banned if you are trying to do so.
If you are not the true owner of the account; passwords cannot be changed or recovered once lost.
-Do not abuse any in-game bugs. Abusing of bugs will result in a char-block or account block.
-Asking about how to hack or abuse Bugs will result in a permanent account ban.
-Its not allowed to use other languages then English in the global chats. ( /c /e )
-Insulting GM's or Admins will not be tolerated. And will lead to an Chat-block. ( in harsh cases even a ban )
-Keep your language clean and do not flame/use bad words in-game out of frustration or as a flame to an other player.
-Using inappropriate Account names will result in an account ban.
-Its not allowed to use Flaming/Cursing words as Char-name/Guild-name. ( Name will be changed without warning. )
-Attempt to fake an GM/Admin will result in a permanent account ban.
-Its not allowed to use the word "GM or ADM" in your Guild logo. your guild will be deleted when doing so.
-Any kind of Advertising other Ryl Servers or websites, will result in a chat-block or account ban.
( this also counts for non ryl related advertisements. )
-Do not ask GM's / Admins for items. If you do ask for items then your chat will be blocked.
-Fame transfer will result in fame resets.
( First time -25% Second time- 50% third time -100%) and the medals will be removed from all characters.
-Racism will not be tolerated and will result into an Permanent chat-block.
( Using a racism Guild logo or Char-name will result in an account ban )
-Its not allowed to have 2 accounts logged in at the same time in Frozen Caernarvon and Arena.
When abusing a 2nd char to call/buff yourself and your pt, your caller/buffer will be banned.
Using a callbot/buffbot for a second time will get your main account banned.
-In-game scamming is not allowed and will result in a permanent account ban.
If a player gets scammed via selling items for money it's the sellers own fault if that person get scammed.
-Items which are dropped/lost/combined wrong/ or went missing during errors cannot be recovered.
Because its not possible to trace them.
-Once an account got hacked its never sure that items can be recovered.
Please note its never RYL fault if you got hacked. In order to get your hacked account investigated a RM30 payment is required.
-We recover passwords to the email of registration. If you decide to give us a fake email address you loose the right to recover your account once lost.

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